Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Motivation Solutions

I've been struggling with a motivation problem. I work from home as a writer and a lot of times it's easy to fall into a pattern of getting nothing done. When I get into those habits, I have a problem pulling myself out from under them, and end up often times spending weeks with no motivation and no progress of any kind.

Because I'm aware that I have this problem, I have motivation boards and goals sitting right in front of me on white boards and peg boards and multiple calendars. These are helpful, but I still get in modes where I feel if I'm not working on my "big project" (aka my book) that I'm not doing anything. So today, I wiped all my goals from my white board and wrote out the current projects I'm working on. As it turns out, I currently have nine things in progress. Whoa. I had no idea.  Seeing these things written out makes me feel a lot better and I think will keep me motivated to keep working on them every day. I even wrote out plans for each project on how to proceed to the next level through daily goals. My biggest goal? To make this summer my most productive ever. I want to feel busy from the moment I wake up until I fall into my pillow at night/early morning. I think it's only fair to myself and to the beautiful projects I've currently got on my plate.

What about you? What do you do to stay motivated or get yourself back on track? 


  1. I don't know about not feeling busy. That doesn't seem to be a problem I have. But along similar lines, I struggle with procrastination. I "forget" to get the little things done. Things like paperwork, project time entry, updating status logs etc. So now I schedule time to do them first thing in the morning, and MAKE myself do them. It has been highly successful. I haven't forgotten to enter project time once this year yet.

  2. Working keeps interfering with my motivation. I have all these things I want to accomplish and just don't have the energy when I am he